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A personal note from the founder

Welcome Friends! More than 20 years ago, I began an important personal journey with my health. Traditional doctors were unable to explain why my health was failing me; one doctor told me that I was simply getting old- before I had even turned 30! I knew something was wrong with how I felt, and I began searching for answers, refusing to accept it. 

I found those answers in Food- specifically, that what I ate was the direct cause of my health problems. While food allergies are commonly understood now, at the time, it was profound to understand how my traditional American diet was killing me.

Like so many, though, I still struggle to eat the way I need to to feel my best. That's because highly processed, franken-foods largely dominate our food landscape. It seems that everywhere you go, you have to choose between eating healthy and eating out. Eating properly is also a significant time commitment- often, it's one people can't make long term. 

After years of growing, harvesting, and preserving my own food- while working a full-time job and making time for family and friends- I was burnt out! I found myself daydreaming about making my passion for food my job. Somewhere between harvesting green beans and making homemade pesto, I decided to pursue it!

When it came time to create my little company, it was important to me that I try and address these issues. I want the most clean and nutritious food possible, and I want it to taste amazing! And I want to provide the same for you at a price that you can afford.

The number one best thing you can do for your health is to eat clean, minimally processed food. Not only will you feel better, but you will extend your journey in this life. 

Thank you for visiting here today. May your journey be long, full of twists, turns, laughter, and love!

-Renee Cunningham

Touching the Surface
Touching the Surface


Today's mission is simple. To provide the most nutritionally dense, fresh, delicious food possible at an affordable price. Utilizing the most eco-friendly practices so that our customers can not only feel good about what they're eating but also in how it's produced. 


Our stable climate is beginning to change rapidly, creating many challenges for food production. It is our goal to eventually expand into a larger farming operation that will allow us to produce all our own ingredients. 

By vertically integrating the entire process, we will be able to keep costs low while producing the most nutritious food possible. 

Additionally, by utilizing the best of new technologies as well as old methods of soil rejuvenation and maintenance, our goal is to improve the soil as we grow- instead of depleting it. Thus ensuring sustainability for the future and improving our shared human environment.

Navigating in Woods
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