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Feed Your Body, Extend The Journey

Super Health Food

Your source for health-promoting superfood in Chesapeake, Virginia

Providing clean, fresh greens, treats, and baked goods direct to you

In today’s competitive food market, top-quality products can sometimes be hard to find. At Longevity Harvest, we believe that food should nourish your body, not present additional challenges for it to overcome. Our products are specifically designed to support your body's natural defenses against pollutants and environmental stressors. We prioritize your well-being without compromising on taste. 

Every item we offer is crafted with ingredients that provide nutritional benefits and promote overall health. Each health-promoting superfood is carefully selected to assist your body in its fight against harmful substances in the environment. By consuming our products, you can enhance your body's resilience and give it the support it needs to thrive.

We understand that taste is just as important as the nutritional value of food. That's why our products not only offer exceptional health benefits but also deliver a delightful culinary experience. We believe that healthy eating should be a pleasure, and we strive to create products that are both nourishing and delicious.

Join us at Longevity Harvest and discover the joy of food that not only tastes amazing but also supports your body's defense mechanisms. Experience the difference that clean, nutrient-rich, and flavorful food can make in your overall well-being.


We Are Different


Using the most advanced water filter on the market, we remove bacteria and parasites in addition to lead, microplastics, PFAS (“forever chemicals”), and 30+ contaminants while retaining essential minerals like magnesium and potassium that are good for your health. This commitment to quality means our greens are grown without additional pollutants, and sets us apart from other Hydroponic/Aeroponic growers.

We use the same ultra-clean water in our baked goods, in addition to sourcing the most pure, nutrient-dense ingredients on the market. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products possible at competitive prices.

What We Offer

From Microgreens to Specialty Baked Goods, Snacks to Staples



Microgreens are young, nutrient-dense greens harvested just after sprouting. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, promoting overall health, supporting digestion, and providing immune-boosting benefits.

A 2 oz container of broccoli microgreens provides the same nutritional value as a large bowl of salad and adds a pop of flavor to various dishes like burgers, soups, and sandwiches. This simplifies your meal preparation while saving you time and money!

Greens & Herbs

Our Aeroponic greens are packed with fresh harvested flavor and nutrition! While store-bought greens can take weeks to get to you, losing much of their nutrition and taste, our produce is harvested within 24 hours of your purchase. This means you get the best flavor, highest nutritional benefit, and it stays fresh longer in your refrigerator.

And while you are enjoying the superior quality, you can also feel good about buying locally and helping the environment. That's because Aeroponic growing uses 90% less freshwater and no harmful fertilizers. 

Green Salad
Baking Dough

Baked Goods

We don't know about you, but we don't want to sacrifice treats to be healthy. And with our baked goods, you don't have to! 

Vegan? Paleo? Sugar, Dairy, and Gluten free? No Problem! 

We have a little something for everyone. 

Our baked goods are so pure that we only list the allergins they contain- instead of all the things they don't!

Decadent treats

Our mouthwatering, decadent chocolates are all organic and made with simple, pure ingredients.  

And without all the preservatives, processed sugars, waxes, and gums- they are healthy enough to eat every day. So enjoy a treat you can feel good about, and say goodbye to the guilt!

Hazelnut Chocolate
Citrus Fruits

Where to Find Us

You can find us every Saturday, and first Sunday of the month at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market.

3640 Dam Neck Rd,

Virginia Beach, VA 23453

​​Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm
​First Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm

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